Saturday, July 2, 2016

Biking Adventure

Week 4 Completed!

3 days of CrossFit, a session of yoga and meditation. Bonus: 3 x 30 min walks, Defeated The Widdowmaker and went out and biked the Virginia Blue Ridge Piney River Trail.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Overdue Updated

So the bad news is I'm terrible at keeping up with a blog (as if that wasn't obvious by now). Good news is I'm kicking ass and taking names it's my health and fitness routine at the moment.
2016 Trauma Trot
Food prep is going very smoothly and my sugar intake is super minimal, I'm staying hydrated, and I'm 2/3 of the way though my 4th week of CrossFit.

I'm in the zone. I've got 11 weeks left till Camp Need Fitness and I am determined to be at the best health I can be in that time. Weight loss not my focus, though that may naturally occur. I'm only concerned with having as much strength and endurance as possible and I can participate fully at camp.

I'm going to crush it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Physics of Moving

I swear that whenever someone moves (from home to home) mini  portals to other dimensions are formed. It's the only explanation for the random things that go missing with no explanation.

This time it's my travel mug, which I use daily, and my bathing suit, which I haven't touched in months. Obviously, there is not even a pattern to what disappears. I've been looking for the mug for over a week now, but I just realized that the bathing suit was MIA yesterday because I wanted to go swimming to combat the DOMS from my workout on Monday. I hope that it will return from the other realm soon.

So my workout plan of swimming yesterday was a bust, which may have been just as well since there was a presentation I had to give that I'd forgotten about, but I was back at it again this morning with bodyweight training and running. I find the middle day of the week's workouts is the toughest to get up for, so I'm pumped I got it done. I've also got 3 days of no sugar under my belt.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Respawn 2.0

And so I begin again...

As I sat out on the deck this morning having a post workout cup of tea, I felt as though a great weight had finally been lifted. The last few months have been crazytown and, as usual, the first thing to take a hit is my health and wellness plan. The good news is we've bought a house so we will not be moving again anytime in the foreseeable future and, as history has shown, big moves are one of the things that really screws up my routine.

We are settling into the new home and this morning I'm beginning the process once again of creating a healthy regiment for myself. I completed a NFA Bodyweight Brigade workout and a C25K run. Last night, I cleared all my experience points from the NFA and am ready to start fresh.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


This cartoon pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now. I'm trying so hard to balance everything that is going on in life, but the urge to emotionally eat has been overwhelming lately. "Just a little treat" turns into days of bad eating followed by feeling sluggish and tired and convincing myself that I can skip workouts.

At the moment it seems to be one extreme or the other and I'm struggling to get the pendulum to stop swinging quite so wildly. I had a great start to February, but after the first 10 days I started jumping from a really healthy day to a really unhealthy day all too quickly. I'm still preparing really healthy meals and at least trying to be more active, but then I'm adding in snacks and desserts and "rewarding" being active by sitting around even more.

I suppose this is still better than everyday being a completely unhealthy day, but I'm caught focusing on the failures instead of celebrating the successes. I've got to figure out a way to jump-start this thing, and quickly, cause if I still don't have a healthy pattern by the time we are in the midst of the moving process it's going to be a huge setback.

Friday, February 5, 2016


I got up this morning and braved the cold to make it to the pilates class at the YMCA. Not really a fan of this class as much as yoga, but it is what they have during the time slot I need and there is an instructor who will hold me accountable. Why can't they have a 6:30am yoga class every day just to suit my schedule? ;)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Road Block

The things did not go well today. We were supposed to have our inspection on the house and then I was finally going to know whether there are any issues that would cause us to have to give it up. So I postponed my workout with the plan to go in the afternoon.

However, it turns out that the city lost the paperwork from the last tenant and the water got turned off instead of transferred back to the owner. Therefore no inspection. We rescheduled for next Tuesday, but I was so looking forward to have this load off my mind I'm kind of freaking out about having to wait another week. The longer this process takes the more attached to the house I get and the harder it's going to be if we lose it.

The whole thing killed my motivation for the day. I know I can't let the house stuff rule my life, but it's tough being in limbo.